What to do if my child doesn’t want to go to university?

If the *shudder* unthinkable happens and you find yourself holding a family meeting with much hand wringing and chest beating it can mean only one thing - your child has confessed to not wanting to go to university. 'How could this happen?', you ask yourself, 'we have books, they eat brie etc etc etc.' Well [...]

The Oxbridge interviews loom, how can you best prepare? 8 Top tips.

It is fast approaching 'that time of year' - not Christmas although yes, Christmas of course - gone is the humdrum spookiness of Halloween only to be replaced instantaneously by a cornucopia of tinsel festooned supermarkets, each gaudier than the last and insisting on a live countdown until the damp squib of the day itself. [...]

Talk Health Partnership Part Deux (2nd collaborative blog) – What can parents do to help support their kids?

Rather than try and dress this up in a clever way in order to justify the post, please just follow the link and if you enjoy it give it a thumbs up! http://www.talkhealthpartnership.com/blog/2017/11/3-simple-steps-to-help-define-and-secure-your-childs-future-and-take-a-load-off-too/

‘First among equals’ is just a nice idea and a lousy Jeffrey Archer novel as elitism accusations claim more scalps.

As Oxbridge backs into a corner, flitting between meek surrender and cowering under the weight of its own impossibly storied edifice, feebly swatting away the claims of parochial southern elitism another report comes out today about the Clarendon Schools and their propulsion of their pupils to the power elite. Whilst it may well be common [...]

Just a quickie…

Very pleased and excited to be writing for the Talk Health Partnership with my first article as an affiliate blogger going up yesterday afternoon. Following on from my article on World Mental Health day I got to thinking more and more about how some of the issues around anxiety, pressure, depression and stress that young [...]

Let’s have a mass debate. (The virtues of reason, composure, oracy and their impact on the opportunities available to their practitioners. And a cheap pun.)

It's been a little while since my last post so I thought I'd take the time to update on what's been happening. Excitingly the book is now printed and I'm the proud owner of several paperbacks with my name written all over them, which is precisely as exciting as I had hoped it would be... [...]

It’s World Mental Health Day – too serious for cartoons I’m afraid.

Given the renewed focus in the UK to address years of stigmatising, ignoring or explaining away it is refreshing to see mental health is being acknowledged as an issue worthy of time, money and initiatives. For too long the rote British attitude of 'stiff upper lip' has been the watchword of the many and asking [...]

You can take our sausage rolls but you will never take our freedom!

The other week I wrote about how parents were complaining that schools weren't teaching their kids to swim, stating unequivocally that it was the school's responsibility to do so. That school was about preparing their kids for the future not just passing a maths exam, it was to give them life skills and the tools [...]

Your future doesn’t have to tick a box for someone else.

People understand what you're talking about if you mention 'The American Dream' - the idea of grabbing yourself by the bootstraps and taking whatever part of the world you want to take hold of and making it yours. Soaring wealth and opportunity are the promise, indeed the birthright of our continental cousins. But talk about [...]

It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, education’s coming home!

It truly has come to something when our country turns to ex-footballers for ideas about how to reinvigorate or in actual fact re-imagine higher education. I don't say that in any way sneeringly but more often than not, sporting culture is rarely discussed in the same breath as HE. However, that all changes with the [...]