Montreal, the greatest student city on earth. Why aren’t more of us going to study there?

Calling all Year 12 students! Having made impassioned pleas for the last few days that students and recent graduates shouldn't squander their summers on frippery and sky larking, I thought today I would sing from another familiar song sheet. Why aren't more students voting with their feet and heading overseas? But this too is a [...]

Finding a purpose, making the right career choice is a process not a knee jerk reaction to external pressure.

Finding your special purpose, it sounds like a rather twee way to describe locating one's nether regions but actually it's both that and understanding who you are and what you want to do. Too often students are shuttled through the various academic gates without being given enough time to breathe and actually figure out what [...]

Careers planning starts with good work experience, that’s what the holidays are for.

It is done, summer is here - obviously only chronologically rather than meteorologically as I look out at the resolutely sullen British vista. My children break up for their holidays and although they are too young to co-opt into the world of work and I'm staring down the barrel of 7 weeks of Lego and ice [...]

School swimming lessons – a perfect metaphor for hands off parenting.

Water is often used in metaphors, there's something poetic about the thrilling crest of a wave or the azure tranquillity of a hazy pond on a summer's day. Less often have poets used the metaphor of swimming lessons in schools. Today I seek to address that shortfall. Swimming lessons in school are a perfect metaphor [...]

The great grade giveaway. Like beads for boobs but with 1st class degrees.

I like universities. Really I do. I think they are fantastic, inspiring, inspirational, wonderful cathedrals of thought, activity and ambition. Which makes reading and then writing these nasty, brutish comments about them all the more galling but they really aren't helping me out. Every day sees a new and embarrassing cavalcade of cynical devaluation of [...]

Why dropping out of university is the inevitable result of bad advice.

There's lots in the news today talking about tackling the degree drop out rates and how it is essential but I think they've got it the wrong way round. What needs to be tackled is this dogged insistence that university is right for everyone. The Social Market Foundation (SMF) has lobbied the government to do [...]

Debate goes on da-hook. (Jamaican angling pun masks lofty intent regarding debating in schools)

It's been a few days since I last posted anything, which is not only unlike me but is made starker still by the fact that things have actually been happening. Justine Greening has discovered £1.3 Billion down the back of the sofa, which whilst heartening, smacks of carelessness in the first place but never let [...]

Nursing and tennis – it’s a whole new ball game.

Two things of note have happened in the news this week, widespread picketing surrounding pay and conditions for the public sector and the always in touch with the man on the Clapham omnibus Wimbledon starting. With Thursday being D-Day for public sector pay freezes, or P-Day if you prefer, my former claims about nursing and [...]