Top tips for your UCAS personal statement.

As Christmas looms, the holidays broaching the horizon there may be a vague sense that you can put your beslippered feet up and enjoy all the promise of the festive season. But. Whilst visions of candy canes may dance in your head and clatters be arising it is also the time of year when many … Continue reading Top tips for your UCAS personal statement.

Well I never. Wellbeing rising.

As well as being a horrendous armchair know it all when it comes to career, university and work preparedness I've also been paying attention to other things education. So much so that I got involved with the TalkHealth Partnership earlier in the year and started writing some blogs about mental wellbeing in students and the … Continue reading Well I never. Wellbeing rising.

Long time, no grouse.

What a lovely seasonal title - although for fans of game hunting I'm afraid you'll be left desperately short of the dark meat you so enjoy. No, no this is a much different sort of grouse,  it is of course the kind of mumbled accusations and mutterings you may also associate with this time of … Continue reading Long time, no grouse.