When it rains it pours…

After last week's gloomy assessment that I might be forever relegated to sitting on the sidelines shouting like an insane street preacher about careers advice (and I still may), there was a break in the weather and I'm happy to report that two buses came along at once. How's that for a mixed metaphor? Today [...]

Frustrated and annoyed by widespread disinterest.

I’ve spent most of of my professional life helping people get jobs. I studied journalism and have a degree in creative writing. I am a published author. I even worked at the BBC. I’ve spent the last three years working at colleges and schools to help with careers and academic decision making. I have contacted [...]

Apprenticeships Minister fired in an ironic title/TV programme co-incidence

I'm a little behind the pace but there are only so many hours in the day and posting multiple times a day is a little self indulgent. That said, what should probably have been my lead yesterday got shunted but here it is today instead, fashionably late. Robert Halfon, the apprenticeships and skills minister was [...]

Privileged elite seek to denigrate personal ambition as tacky(ish).

The Telegraph ran a piece today in their Education section about a group of 20 - 30 somethings preaching about the value of giving away their money to charities, 'earning to give' is how they phrase it. A noble ambition and certainly a number of careers can be both socially fulfilling and financially rewarding. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/0/dont-follow-passion-think-twice-medicine-new-rules-choosing/ [...]

What I did during the holidays… (the importance of work experience)

What did you do? It's a genuine question. What did you do? You had a week off, so what did you do? The biggest complaint I get from students is that they don't have enough time to do anything. They are always so busy. What that means in reality is that they have a certain [...]

Top 5 tips for interview attire. Suit up! Or why quirky is not the new black.

“It is both delusional and stupid to think that clothes don’t really matter and we should all wear whatever we want. Most people don’t take clothing seriously enough, but whether we should or not, clothes do talk to us and we make decisions based on people’s appearances.” – G. Bruce Boyer When I was a [...]