To BA or not to BA…

When it comes to finding jobs, are degrees still the magic bullet or a nasty scam? And so the debate trundles on endlessly, after years of education for all, the Orwellian nightmare of some animals being more equal than others comes full circle. Degrees have become so devalued and intrinsically useless from a career perspective [...]

Holy shit! It’s the terminator, we’re all going to die/have limited career options in the future.

It's been at the forefront of scaremongers' A boards for years, you'll know the kind - dirty faced, distant look in one eye, laser focus in the other, shuffling around urban retail developments using their own urine as both a means to stay clean and repel pigeons. 'Our robot overlords will kill us all', 'the [...]

All Filler, No Killer – The Top 5 mistakes people make in their CVs.

  Without wishing to grouse endlessly about how badly schools are preparing kids for their future work lives, it's hard not to when I see the standard of instruction surrounding how to order and write a CV. Now, I will say that this is not a phenomenon exclusive to students, this is something even very [...]

Studio Schools – the great white elephant in the room.

Let me begin by saying I'm an advocate of Free Schools and Studio Schools, I know people have objections to them and you could easily levy the claim that they are political pawns and are educational sleights of hand and are gimmicky or elitist and many other things. However I think parents and communities are [...]

How do you solve a problem like Knowsley?

The future is Knowsley. So says the sign that meets you as you drive into the area. The clue to the issues around their education problems is highlighted quite perfectly in their slogan. It barely scans, it doesn't work and requires of the reader to make odd contortions of their vowels to make sense of [...]

Here comes the sun… Top five tips for work experience goodness.

Here comes the sun. Possibly. Whilst I can't guarantee sunshine. I can guarantee that at this time of year schools will ostensibly remember their obligations to the students finishing out the first year of sixth form, and try and run them through some last minute work experience. What's less clear is why they will have [...]

First post, take that schools!

Charles Ponzi. Bernie Madoff. Benedict Arnold. Richard Nixon. Lance Armstrong. Some copper-bottomed, hall of fame, heavy weight champions of world class liars. Their very names are synonymous with deception, lies, fabrications, flights of fancy and half truths. Notably absent from that list is 'every school in the UK'. However, and it's a big 'however', this [...]