It’s coming home, it’s coming home, it’s coming, education’s coming home!

It truly has come to something when our country turns to ex-footballers for ideas about how to reinvigorate or in actual fact re-imagine higher education. I don't say that in any way sneeringly but more often than not, sporting culture is rarely discussed in the same breath as HE. However, that all changes with the [...]

New year, new you? Or rather new academic year/start of real life – what to do now?

Maybe it's the time of year, maybe it got posted at the wrong hour of the day, who knows, what makes one post soar like an eagle and another sink like the Titanic? My last post didn't get a huge amount of love or views from any quarter and rather than accept defeat graciously I've [...]

Good news A level students! Come results day, universities are more afraid of you than you are of them.

Der dum. Der dum. Derdum Derdum Derdum... DerlaLUM. Onomatopoeic writing has never been my strongest suit but that was the Jaws music for those of you didn't get it. Given that many of you reading this will probably have only a vague notion of what that is doesn't perhaps ringingly endorse my relevance to you [...]

The great grade giveaway. Like beads for boobs but with 1st class degrees.

I like universities. Really I do. I think they are fantastic, inspiring, inspirational, wonderful cathedrals of thought, activity and ambition. Which makes reading and then writing these nasty, brutish comments about them all the more galling but they really aren't helping me out. Every day sees a new and embarrassing cavalcade of cynical devaluation of [...]

Why dropping out of university is the inevitable result of bad advice.

There's lots in the news today talking about tackling the degree drop out rates and how it is essential but I think they've got it the wrong way round. What needs to be tackled is this dogged insistence that university is right for everyone. The Social Market Foundation (SMF) has lobbied the government to do [...]

Choose wisely for today’s choices affect tomorrow.

Another month and another set of stats to look at, it seems that every week around this time of year someone else is throwing their hats in to the ring demanding that their university league table should be regarded as the definitive version. Lo, today is no different as The Guardian publishes their version of [...]

8 of the best – top tips for what not to say in your personal statement.

It's too hot to think, much less create fascinating content on a daily basis. So instead I'm going to take the lazy route and do a list. Yeah, lists are good right? Easy, digestible, bite size morsels of fact based goodness without all the filling excesses of a paragraph. It is that time of year [...]

The relentless march towards faux social mobility is devoured by its own hubris. (Or why university is getting worse. Still.)

What's that? Did anyone else hear clucking? Pay it no never mind, it's just the chickens coming home to roost. I've spoken a lot on this page about the danger of the 'university at any cost' thinking, as well as the risk posed to the devaluation of degrees because of this and the fallout from [...]

To BA or not to BA (Part 2) – don’t gamble with your happiness.

When it comes to university there's definitely a polarising barrier between the old school and the emerging new schools of thought regarding its benefits. I've frequently mouthed off and objected to the 'university regardless' approach that is still being peddled by so many schools up and down the country but a recently released survey, the [...]

To BA or not to BA…

When it comes to finding jobs, are degrees still the magic bullet or a nasty scam? And so the debate trundles on endlessly, after years of education for all, the Orwellian nightmare of some animals being more equal than others comes full circle. Degrees have become so devalued and intrinsically useless from a career perspective [...]