More articles and what not…

What a way to kick off the new half term, back into one of the colleges I work with for two days this week doing interviewing workshops, just firming up dates with the school I work with on oracy and setting up a debating society and an another article published in The Conduit Magazine ( … Continue reading More articles and what not…

Further adventures in hi-fi.

Hey gang! As part of my shameless self promotion I've been hitting the publicity trail as hard as I can. Naturally there's a reluctance on behalf of many media outlets to speak to me. Or even really acknowledge my emails, but I suspect this has everything to do with their fear of being exposed as … Continue reading Further adventures in hi-fi.

Apprenticeships. It’s time to put up or shut up.

I've spent the better part of 2 years now questioning the need and wisdom for students to be corralled into unnecessary degrees simply to fulfil societal ambition or parental expectation. A stance I stand squarely behind however it's getting pretty hard to defend apprenticeships now too. The introduction of the apprenticeship levy is seen by … Continue reading Apprenticeships. It’s time to put up or shut up.

Guess who’s got a double page spread in the i – paper?

It's me, I don't even have an article today. I can't even link to it because it's only in the old-fashioned, honest to goodness proper newspaper but it's real and I'm in it, featuring an exclusive extract from the new book , out yesterday on Amazon and in good bookshops, you know, the proper ones … Continue reading Guess who’s got a double page spread in the i – paper?