Further adventures in hi-fi.

Hey gang! As part of my shameless self promotion I’ve been hitting the publicity trail as hard as I can. Naturally there’s a reluctance on behalf of many media outlets to speak to me. Or even really acknowledge my emails, but I suspect this has everything to do with their fear of being exposed as complicit in this media blackout rather than a lack of interest in what I, a complete nobody, has to say on the subject.  That being said I did have the opportunity to appear on the radio yesterday at BBC Radio Stoke.

I was expecting a cosy chat about the book but I got something of a grilling instead, which is of course fine, I should be able to defend the title and content of the book and I was pleased to have the opportunity to do so. Whilst it did knock me backwards momentarily I think and believe the host kind of agreed with me. What do you think?

Liquid Radio!0001
Talking all about careers, university and apprenticeships on BBC Radio Stoke.

Give it a listen as we discuss apprenticeships, university fees and the quality of the careers advice offered in schools.

It starts around the 2 hours 12 minute mark, just after Knowing Me, Knowing You – which I think represents my greatest achievement yesterday, not shouting out ‘A-ha!’



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