2 thoughts on “The i – paper article in full!

  1. This really is a great article, I will be buying your book in the near future. The article provided plenty of food for thought for me. I’ve spent 10 years working in catering, but I recently graduated from a degree in philosophy, which I took part time alongside work. Having exercised my brain so much more, I’d love to find a place in the world where I can carry on engaging my intellect. Congratulations on having your book published!


    1. Thanks very much for following and for your kind comments. My business partner’s background is in philosophy so I heartily endorse your decision to explore the life of the mind! My interest was definitely piqued by your Barthes led titles so I’ll be sure to check them out. I hope you enjoy the book and it proves a useful guide to help you steer towards new horizons. Good luck and if I can be of help/use you can reach me through the blog!


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