GCSE Results Day 2019

So, a better man or at the very least a more accomplished blogger might try and pull the wool over your eyes and retool previous posts claiming them as new. Not I though, no, no let honesty be my watchword as I promise faithfully that I was simply too absorbed in other projects to create or curate (that’s what people say about things nowadays isn’t it?) an entirely new blog post for today’s event.

For clarity this oversight has nothing to do any antipathy towards the day and don’t let the recycled link below minimize the great importance I attached to the day when I got my own results, as you no doubt have attached to yours and as I will again when my children come of age. So I attach again last year’s article. Whilst some of the details have changed, this is the first year where an entire cohort will have gone through knowing what the grades mean and the first to have near universal adoption of them, the exams may’ve been harder but this is to be welcomed not angry about. How else can you expect to distinguish yourself? But here it is, last year’s link, a clarion call for reason and pragmatism. Good or bad, today is another step in a long and hopefully distinguished scholastic career. ‘Success isn’t final; failure isn’t fatal.’


Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal – wise words from our arguably greatest leader and worst First Lord of the Admiralty

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