Oooh check out my bona fides…

After years of bleating from the side-lines with no one listening or caring what I, a rank outsider, thought about any of this education lark I now have a cast iron defence against claims of woolly headedness.  No more shall I be cowed by others within the careers establishment, particularly he who actively sought me out on Twitter to slag off the title of my book, suggest I was a dilettante and abuse me late at night in a weird Nixon to Frost phonecall type way. All of that changes (it won’t) today because I’m now published in no less an august publication than the TES. The Times Educational Supplement, purveyors of all things educational since 1910. And now, purveyors of some things Edducan since 2018.

Six of the best, cheap, easy fixes for careers provision in schools.

TES Top of the world
Looks like we made it! My TES article is there for all the world to see…


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