Pay attention, stop what you’re doing and look at me! New term, same challenges, common sense advice. Careers stuff.

Here it is, the new academic term has begun and for teachers, parents and students with enquiring minds, the question that should always be rattling around is, ‘where is this going?’ That is to say, whilst learning for its own sake is an invaluable, worthy and hoped for goal, learning to boxtick arbitrary governmental measures can seem a little redundant if you don’t understand the reason why.

The reason of course is to give every young person the possibility of living, and I hesitate to use the much hyped summer catchphrase, ‘their best life.’ If you know where you want to be and what life you want then schoolwork no longer feels like something that simply must be done, but rather something that must be done to get to where you want. Small distinction, big difference. Anyway, here’s my tuppence worth in this month’s Teach Secondary…

Teach Secondary article

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