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Very pleased and excited to be writing for the Talk Health Partnership with my first article as an affiliate blogger going up yesterday afternoon. Following on from my article on World Mental Health day I got to thinking more and more about how some of the issues around anxiety, pressure, depression and stress that young people face could be linked to the uncertainty around their futures and the pressure cooker that is education.

Obviously I’m not a mental health professional and wouldn’t pretend to be but my hope is that if parents recognize some of the stress their kids are under they can intercede with practical help. By shouldering some of the burden it may remove some of the stressers and those feelings of hopelessness, of being swamped can at least be mitigated.

Mental health is a spectrum, even the most grounded, carefree amongst us can struggle, being a student nowadays is a powder-keg so let’s lend a hand. 

Anyway, enough of that please toddle over to their page, check out my blog and excruciating photograph and have a shufty around the rest of the site if you’ve any other health concerns and want to pick the brains of a very supportive community.


2 thoughts on “Just a quickie…

  1. We definitely need more people discussing mental health. I think your specific focus on students is interesting, as a university student myself, I have many many times when I feel all over the place due to the amount of work I have to do. Also the whole thinking about our future kind of thing scares me, but I sort of try not to dwell on it too much and hope that when it comes to it i’ll be okay.

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    1. Thanks very much for reading and for sharing your thoughts. I agree the future is and can be terrifying, even the most put together and seemingly ‘sorted’ students and adults I’ve worked with share those fears to at least some extent. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t, that said, the whole focus of the book is to try and break down those challenges into bite sized logical chunks and by so doing removing at least some of the mystique that adds to the fear! The future is coming, better to face it on your terms than to have it sneak attack you. Good luck with your studies and thanks again for reading!

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