Why lying on your CV/Personal Statement is never as good an idea as it seems.

Once again I’ve been lucky enough to be asked to contribute an article to Family Friendly Working, this time it’s all about why lying on your CV tends to be a pretty bad idea.


And, if you liked that, you might also like this –



4 thoughts on “Why lying on your CV/Personal Statement is never as good an idea as it seems.

    1. They do, assuming they are lucky enough to not get caught out before the interview. It’s a fool’s errand and is inviting trouble, just ask every candidate on The Apprentice ever…

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      1. Hahahaha absolutely!! There were so many people in my year who exagerated (quite a lot) on their personal statements and some of the interview horror stories are hilarious! It’s just not worth it!
        Also, if you get a minute, I’d really appreciate it if you could check out my blog as well – I only started it up last week so I could really use some feedback!
        Keep up the great posts! (also I’m living for your illustrations!)


  1. You flatter me, both on the illustration comment or that I could offer you any meaningful feedback! I have however followed your blog and read the three articles that were there when I last checked and thoroughly enjoyed them, (although struggled to relate to all of them as my own uni experience were more soused than I care to remember from the vantage point of an older and wiser chap) I’ll keep an eye out for new posts though and will certainly spend some time with them and offer whatever feedback I can!


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